Structural switch of lysyl-tRNA synthetase between translation and transcription.

Integration Core

Authors Yifat Ofir-Birin, Pengfei Fang, Steven P. Bennett, Hui-Min Zhang, Jing Wang, Inbal Rachmin, Ryan Shapiro, Jing Song, Arie Dagan, Jorge Pozo, Sunghoon Kim, Alan G. Marshall, Paul Schimmel, Xiang-Lei Yang, Hovav Nechushtan, Ehud Razin, Min Guo
Journal Molecular Cell
Vol.(no.) 49(1)
Pages 30-42
Year 20130110
DOI http://10.1016/j.molcel.2012.10.010
Attach 20130110_Mol_Cell_49(1)_30-42.pdf



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