Novel Target and Lead Packages for Diverse Indications

To facilitate the rapid progression of novel new drugs into clinical trials, our group focuses on new mechanistic studies and lead compound development necessary for the initial phases of drug development. We work on key facets of drug development that include mechanistic studies disease indications, clinical validations, structural analyses, and biomarkers for lead compound development.

Pharma-01-iMabiMab : Technology for Targeting Cytosolic Proteins
Pharma-02-Neo-pepNeo-pep : A Peptide of Human Origin for Skin and Scalp Health
Pharma-03-GRSAnti-tumorigenic GRS-derives Peptides : Novel Therapeutics for Kidney and Lung Cancer
Pharma-04-MRSInhibitors of MRS : Novel Therapeutics for p16INK4a- Negative Cancers
Pharma-06-KRSAnti-metastatic KRS Inhibitors : Novel Therapeutics for Merastatic Triple-negative Breast Cancer
Pharma-08-LRSNovel LRS Inhibitors : Anti-tumor Agents for Colorectal Cancer
Pharma-09-PRSAnti-tumorigenic PRS Inhibitors : Novel Therapeutics for Pancreatic and Lung Cancer


Devices, Kits and Instruments with Smart, Accurate, Fast, Economic Technologies

A key element of biotechnology development is the development of technology to increase the productivity of drug development. Among our product offerings, we have developed instruments can accurately analyze protein interactions, that facilitate antibody development, provide live imaging of disease detection and offer 3D culture analysis. We have additional capacity in new biochip products.

Tech-01-IVMIntraVital Microscopy (IVM) : In Vivo Cellular Efficacy Monitoring Platform for Drug DevelopmentPDF Download
Tech-02-Exosome_Separation_PlatformExosome Separation Platform : Ultracentrifuge-free-Size based Exosome SeparationPDF Download
Tech-03-Nanobio_Platform_for_Ultrafine_SeparationNanobio Platform for Ultrafine Separation : Exosome Charting with Nanofluidic SystemsPDF Download
Tech-04-Liposome_Platforms_for_Tumor-Targeted_Delivery_of_ARS_InhibitorsLiposome Platforms for Tumor-Targeted Delivery of ARS InhibitorsPDF Download
Tech-05-Heterodimeric_Fc_Platform_Technology_for_Bispecific_AntibodyHeterodimeric Fc Platform Technology for Bispecific AntibodyPDF Download
Tech-06-Antibody_ELISA_TechnologyAntibody & ELISA Technology : Validated, Short Term, Human Antibody DevelopmentPDF Download
Tech-07-3D_Cell_Culture_and_Monitoring3D Cell Culture and MonitoringPDF Download
Tech-08-Targeted_Sequencing_with_NGS_for_Low-cost_and_PreciseTargeted Sequencing with NGS for Low-cost and Precise : Detection of Genetic DisorderPDF Download
Tech-09-Diverse_Chemical_Libraries_for_Hit_IdentificationDiverse Chemical Libraries for Hit IdentificationPDF Download
Tech-10-Antibody_Library_Panning_at_BioconAntibody Library Panning at Biocon : Solution for Human Antibody GenerationPDF Download
Tech-11-Antibody_Technology_Platform_at_BioconAntibody Technology Platform at Biocon : Generation,Valication and OptimizationPDF Download
Tech-12-4D_Micropillar_Microwell_Chip4D Micropillar / Microwell ChipPDF Download
Tech-13-4D_Cell_Spotter4D Cell SpotterPDF Download
Tech-14-4D_Cell_Scanner4D Cell ScannerPDF Download


One Stop Solution for Experimental Needs

Biocon is committed to assimilating institutional infrastructure and knowhow so that we can effectively support and service Korean research groups or companies in new drug research. A key Biocon offering is a “One Stop Solution” that offers a broad selection of key drug development services, including the creation of novel proteins and antibodies, protein purification, dielectric, proteomics and 2D and 3D cell culture. We offer additional services in genetically modified animal models, drug potency checks of patient samples using mouse, bioanalysis, analysis of molecular binding using SPR. Finally, we can offer Biobank and inventory services.

Service-01-Protein_EngineeringProtein EngineeringPDF Download
Service-02-Protein_ModificationProtein ModificationPDF Download
Service-03-Protein_Purifiaction_SystemProtein Purifiaction SystemPDF Download
Service-04-Drug_Efficiency_Test_using_PatientDrug Efficiency Test using PatientPDF Download
Service-05-Animal_Model_ServiceAnimal Model ServicePDF Download
Service-06-Drug_Screening_Test_ub_3D_Cell_Culture_SystemDrug Screening Test ub 3D Cell Culture SystemPDF Download
Service-07-Pharge_Display_Panning_ServicePharge Display Panning ServicePDF Download
Service-08-Biobank_ServiceBiobank ServicePDF Download
Service-09-Cell_Imaging_ServiceCell Imaging ServicePDF Download
Service-10-SPR_ServiceSPR ServicePDF Download
Service-11-Proteomics_ServiceProteomics ServicePDF Download
Service-12-Drug_Repositioning_ServiceDrug Repositioning ServicePDF Download
Service-13-Project_Landscaping_SystemProject Landscaping SystemPDF Download


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