AIMP1 Potentiates TH1 Polarization and Is Critical for Effective Antitumor and Antiviral Immunity

Integration Core

Authors Dan Liang, Lin Tian, Ran You, Matthew M. Halpert, Vanaja Konduri, Yunyu C. Baig, Silke Paust, Doyeun Kim, Sunghoon Kim, Fuli Jia, Shixia Huang, Xiang Zhang, Farrah Kheradmand, David B. Corry, Brian E. Gilbert, Jonathan M. Levitt and William K. Decker
Journal Frontiers in Immunology
Vol.(no.) 8
Pages 1801
Year 20180115
DOI 10.3389/fimmu.2017.01801
Attach 18 AIMP1_Frontiers in Immunologyapplication/pdf


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